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All of the work is handcrafted with high quality stainless steel/aluminum/copper and airbrushed with candy color automotive paints and sealed with Tamco automotive clear coat.  Glass taxidermy fish eyes are custom colored with silicone eye socket. Hanger on the back ready to go.

The prices will vary with the complexity of the paint job and length of the piece.  But normally for the fish mounts they run about ~$8-9 an inch.  I can make fish up to 6' long if needed.  Most that I make are 47" but can make any size smaller if you want.  Lead time for delivery will be roughly 8 weeks.


This will vary on the size of the package but you will only be charged for the real shipping cost.  UPS and FedEx have cost estimators.  Please let me know if you need shipping when we talk as this is important.


Can be made via check, Pay Pal

50% deposit required up front prior to the start of commission

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